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This quiet, sacred space is where I pause for a moment to gather my thoughts before moving on. Here, you will find a little about me, my dreams, desires, and interests. I make no apologies or explanations for who I am. In the words of Hermann Hesse, "I wanted only to try to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so very difficult?" - Demian

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Miles Pendry

Who am I? A good question. I have spent approximately 50 years in this current physical manifestation, and I am not sure I can yet answer that question. I do know the things I enjoy...the things that occupy my time. Perhaps the best way to know me is to examine those things that keep me entertained.

I am a High Priest and Witch. and been for many years since my Third Degree Initiation back in 1979. I am also licensed by the New Hampshire Secretary of State to legally ordain marriages, handfastings, and other unions. I used to be active in a coven and teaching grove, although over the past ten years I have become more solitary, almost hermetic. I have given a lecture or two at local libraries, and eventually may feel the urge to teach again, but only if the right set of students were to gather. Circles aren't made...they form of their own accord at the right time.

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Heather Pendry is my wife and fastmate. That says a lot about her stubbornness and determination. She deserves a lot of consideration just for putting up with me for as long as she has. We were joined in High Circle on Midsummer's Eve in 1994 as minstrels played and young virgins scattered new-picked spring wildflowers at our feet. She helps me keep my feet on the ground, and reminds me to breath once and a while. She is very much a hands-on practical witch, following the changes of the seasons, and decorating and crafting our home accordingly. She loves the outdoors, gardening, and hiking with our dog Bella (she really loves the dog more than me). Although she dislike most things with an on or off switch, she is slowly succumbing to the power of the Internet, and has actually been seen using a laptop. Actually, she uses it more than I do at this point.

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Nic Pendry

My name is Nicolette Pendry. I'm 17 years old, and in the 11th grade. After having been wiccaned four times, I am considered the most wiccaned child in New England. At my school I'm in the tech crew, as well as the D&D club. At home, I spend most of my time in my room, reading, listening to music, talking on the phone (mostly to boys) and I write, although my dad doesn't think I do. My music tastes range mostly into the heavy metal/goth, (like Atreyu, Saosin, Fields of the Nephilim, and Einstürzende Neubauten). I love going to see plays and musicals. My favorite so far is Wicked (I went to see it in New York). I also love Cirque du Soleil and Blue Man Group. I've seen four Cirque du Soleil shows and three Blue Man Group shows. Every Sunday my dad and I get together with a bunch of our friends for Dungeons and Dragons, and we all role our dice and kill monsters!

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Luna Pendry is the latest little bundle of joy to join our little family circus. She is a Labrador/Hound mixture, adopted from the Nashua Humane Society a few days before Yule 2008. She is a very happy, loving, trusting dog, a stark contrast to the suspicious moodiness and sometimes paranoia of her sister, Bella. Nonetheless, she loves her sister, and the two have become inseparable companions and playmates.

She is very well behaved and ladylike, with the exception of her attitude towards food. Perhaps it is a trait native to labradors, or perhaps it is some ravenous demon that dwells deep within the pit of her stomach, but be forewarned. Do not stand between her and her food dish during feeding time, lest ye be trampled underfoot. And if by chance you should offer her a tasty morsel, be sure to count your fingers afterwards. You might find you are missing a few!

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Skootch Pendry

Skootch is my greenwing macaw. What can you say about a $3,000 chicken that weighs 1900 grams, bites through stainless steel sink faucets like they were toilet paper rolls, and can be heard by the neighbors a quarter of a mile away? In his own words, he's a "baaad boooy...baaaad birrrrd." He loves pizza, peanut butter sandwiches, keyboards, chicken fingers, and expensive programmable remote controls. The more expensive, the more flavorable! He is spoiled rotten, and loves sitting on my shoulder, watching movies, stealing snacks, and attempting to amputate the fingers of anyone brave enough to try and pet him. He enjoys showering with me, providing I blow-dry him off afterwards, and don't let him see the towel. Did I mention he's loud? Recently, he realized that djembes are made out of the same materials as parrot toys, and put that knowledge to practical use. It cost me $75 to have my djembe re-headed and re-strung.

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In Loving Memory

Kali Collie

On May 6th, 2008, Kali Pendry, our beloved border collie/shepherd left this world to return to the Summerlands. She runs and plays now in the fields and woods of the Gentle God and Gracious Goddess, and will be remembered always by those who remain behind on this side of the Veil.

Sadly, it was her love of chew toys that proved to be her undoing. She contracted a rare and deadly form of cancer, hemangiosarcoma, thought to be caused by long-term exposure to Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), present in cheap plastic chew toys. While this knowledge comes too late to save her, take it as a cautionary tale. If you love your dog, clean out their toybox! Kong and Buddha toys are safe, because they are latex-based, but any other chew toys may be leaching toxins into your beloved pet over a long-term period.

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